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服務熱線 : 133 1661 5888  

News products
Exciting addition to Colder's product offering include:
AseptiQuik?S Connectors
AseptiQuik?X Connectors
AseptiQuik?STC Connectors
Specialty Industrial
Colder's couplings anf fittings are installed in thousands of product applications.工業領域Our broad offering appeals to product manufacturers in a wide rang of industrial and consumer......
Life Sciences
Colder's products are used across a broad range of medical devices and equipment,生命科學領域inculding surgical,dialysis,blood pressure monitoring,patient therapy devices.......
Chemical Handling
Colder's extensive options for chemically resistant quick disconnect couplings and化學品管理領域 chemical dispensing systems provide non-spill operation and improve the safety of chemical......
Engineered Solutions Worldwide >>More...
全球工程解決方案Colder's success is grounded in its expertise in research and development and application engineering.Colder has local engineering support in the United States,Europe and Asia.Many of Colder's standard couplings and fittings began as custom engineered solutions that found broader use in applicable markets.To date, Colder has produced over 10,000 custom and standard products to meet the fluid handing challenges of various industries worldwide.With our test lad,prototype equipment and modeling capabilities we provide our customers world class product design and development support.

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電話:133 1661 5888




Address:Lixin Tian Yang Industrial Zone,Dongcheng District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province :+86-769-22300658 【Bmap】【Gmap
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